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Camp Geronimo 2012

CLICK HERE for merit badge sign-up sheets, schedules, maps, packing lists and everything else.

2012 Geronimo Merit Badge Prerequisites – download this PDF for all the merit badge prerequisites.

Scouts and Scouters,

Welcome to the Grand Canyon Council Boy Scouts of America Summer Camp Season!

We look forward to a great year of summer camp activities at Camp Geronimo. The camp experience is always an excellent forum for Troop and Team members to hone their skills and develop new ones while having fun in the great Arizona outdoors.

This year, as in some previous years, it is possible that some National Forest lands may be closed to public access. We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing the best program possible if the surrounding Forest lands are closed. We urge you to consult our talented program staff upon arrival for tips, options and suggestions on in-camp programs.
We appreciate your patience and understanding over these past years as we battled repeated drought, bark beetles, fires, floods and other challenges. Camp Geronimo has benefited from our Capital Campaign funds in many ways thanks to your generosity. Our staff is ready to help facilitate an outstanding program for you and your scouts this summer.

Enjoy camp!

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