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Troop 109 at Winter Range 2015

Another successful year for Troop 109 at Winter Range.

Troop 109 at 2015 Winter Range

Winter Range is an exciting 6-day National Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting event put on by the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). Cowboy Action Shooting, the fastest growing shooting sport in America, requires that contestants compete with firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West: single action revolvers, lever action rifles and old-time shotguns. Participants must also adopt a shooting alias appropriate to a character or profession of the late 19th century.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of brass ammunition shells and shotgun shells are shot at the Winter Range competition. After shooting stops at the Ben Avery ranges each night, a small army of 109 scouts and parents go in, pick up all the brass and clean the ranges for the shooters on the following day. We then sort all the casings by caliber, clean them bag and tag them and offer them for sale back to the shooters so they may use them to reload. Troop 109 pours over 1,000 man-hours of scout and parent time into making sure the shooters have clean ranges to compete on.

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